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Ventriloquism, funny skeletons

Ventriloquism, funny skeletons.




 A British irascible big brother told us about him in the UK traffic jam, and because it often rains so no sunshine.



We are coming, waitting for us!

We are a group love the game, love the game business partners. 
We will work together. We hope to develop everyone's favorite mobile games.
We are a people who love the game business.
My game is coming!

Welcome to B&H Game Studio

I can because I think I can

  • 2015年10月,B&H Game Studio 人员配备整齐,确定成立。我们是一群十分热爱游戏事业的伙伴, 有着对游戏强烈的信仰,相信这种强烈的信仰会赢取坚强的人,然后又使他们更坚强。我们用自己对游戏热爱的心,为每一位喜爱游戏的玩家创建与众不同的游戏。
  • October 2015, B & H Game Studio fully staffed and set up. We are a group of business partners out of love of the game, the game has a strong faith, believe that this strong faith would win strong man, and then make them stronger. We use our heart to love of the game, create a unique game for every favorite game players.
  • 每一个成功者都有一个开始。勇于开始,才能找到成功的路。 只要路是对的,就不怕路远。 只要我们能梦想的,我们坚持,相信梦想就能实现。 在游戏事业的道路上,我们都曾辉煌过,也有过各种失落。但是我们知道,征服困难,就是荣耀。
  • Each winner has a beginning. The courage to begin to find a successful way. As long as the road is right, not afraid of the road away. As long as we can dream, we insist, I believe the dream will be realized. Career in the game on the road, we have been brilliant, and there have been all kinds of loss. But we know, difficult to conquer, it is glory.
  • 我们团结、努力、彼此信任,相互勉励。我们相信,真正改变命运的,并不是我们的机遇,而是我们的态度。一直觉得,等待是一种美好的状态,因为它包含了无数的可能性。人生中的一道道门坎,迈过了就是门,迈不过就是坎。
  • We are united efforts, mutual trust, mutual encouragement. We believe that real change fate, not our opportunity, but our attitude. Always felt that waiting is a beautiful state, because it contains a myriad of possibilities. Life in a road threshold, is through the door, not through that stumbling block.
  • 竹子,是我们做游戏事业的标杆和榜样。因为竹子用4年时间,仅仅会长3cm。但是从第五年开始,以每天30cm的速度疯狂的生长,仅用六周时间就可以长到了15米。其实竹子在前四年,将根在土壤里延伸了数百平米。所以我们相信,做人做事亦是如此。我们不担心起步慢,不担心此时的付出得不到回报。我们会兢兢业业,脚踏实地的再前期做好所有准备和功夫。然而正是这些前期的付出,会让我们的游戏产品扎了根。然而又有多少人,没熬过那三厘米! 能够比跌倒的次数多一次站起来的次数,你就是强者!
  • Bamboo is a game we do business benchmark and example. Because bamboo period of four years, the president merely 3cm. But from the beginning of the fifth year, the speed of 30cm per day crazy growth, in just six weeks can grow up to 15 meters. In fact, bamboo previous four years, the roots in the soil extending hundreds of meters. Therefore, we believe that doing things is also true. We do not worry about a slow start, this time do not worry about paying no return. We will work diligently, then the pre-earth do all the preparation and effort. Yet it is these pre-pay, make our games took root. However, how many people did not get through that three centimeters! One more than the number of times can fall to stand up, you are stronger!
  • 不仅仅是游戏事业,其实每个行业都是这样。很多当年的第一名都已销声匿迹,曾经默默无闻的,却成了领军人。真正的事业拼得都不是快功。成功大多是慢火细熬出来的。你可以不是第一,但一定要最后一个放弃。 付出,不一定有收获;不付出,就必定没收获。
  • In fact, every industry are like this, not just the game career. Many have disappeared the first year, once unknown, has become the leading man. The real cause of golf is not fast work. Most successful is serious, hard-working. You may not be the first, but it must be the last one to give up. Pay is not necessarily rewarding; not pay, will surely not harvest.
  • 不管你干什么,都会有两种结果: 一种是笑话,一种是神话。如果你半途而废,只能成为别人眼中的笑话;但如果你成功了,你就变成她们眼中的神话。社会就是现实!要么不做,要么做好。 这就是我们B&H Game Studio对游戏事业的认真!
  • Whatever you do, there will be two results: one is a joke, one is a myth. If you give up halfway, only to become another man's joke; but if you are successful, you become their eyes myth. Society is the reality! Or do not do, or to do good. This is our B & H Game Studio for games cause serious!
Keep on going never give up.

Please look forward to!

In life

In life, family is the most precious gift we are given. But we often never realize it.

The small fresh style.

Japanese artist ぶーた's  works, like that the small fresh style.



Netizen use the clay to make a fox Nick, it is in the “Zootopia” !